Our platform enriches Retailer – Supplier collaboration

Our users have a common language with their retailers and follow shared KPIs, from national to point of sales levels. They are regularly notified of anomalies of distribution and define the priority actions with highest impact.
In addition to data shared by your retailers, we integrate also in our platform data coming from your own ERPs – same tools, similar KPIs for standardized sale processes.

Shared KPIs
Have the same language as your Retailer

Adopt data-driven managerial routines

Adapt your facing based on real time PoS performance

Compare pilots, predict impacts, measure performance

Base your Category Management on real-time comparative data

Analyse jointly with your Retailer, anticipate, adapt supply logistic parameters

Market share
Identify underperforming sectors and PoS, consolidate your strengths

Data culture
Get your team to the next level with shared data-driven culture

A simple and

Data as a Service
Set up in 2 – 4 weeks,
without any IT investment

Intuitive tools at your fingertips
available anywhere & anytime

Regular data updates

Easy exports to Excel

Training & support included

Our dedicated SaaS Platform reinforces collaboration of Retailers and their Suppliers around shared and actionable KPIs.

We enable data-driven operational decisions at central and local levels of the organisations.

With our app, algorithms and alerts, our users boost their Retail Execution at point of sales.

They trust us
« OpenWatch allows us to understand in a very precise way our main European markets. We track the new products launches and we secure the development of our new eCommerce activities. »

« Innoscape helps me in the daily management of the sales team. I can support them better by identifying together and in advance the objectives to be reached. »

« The Innoscape app become a key tool for TTI’s sales team. A better preparation of customer visits and targeted action plans by point of sales helped us to increase rapidly our market shares. »

« It is first time in my sales career that I am given market data and not just asked to report. I love it! »

« For the first time we have a tool that allows us to fix sales targets based on facts. It is fascinating! »

« Innoscape was able to adapt its offer to our specific needs with an excellent reactivity. »



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