OpenWatch online help

For any further help request or suggestion for improvement of the solution, please use the Feedback / Support icon in the top-right part of the Innoscape DaaS application.

  • Change / recover lost password

    Please first download and install the application ‘Innoscape DaaS’ (OpenWatch solution) from the Apple store. Most probably we already created for you an account using your company email address.

    For the first connection on OpenWatch, you will need to reset the password. You can do this by launching the Innoscape DaaS application, then click on “I forget my password”. After entering your registered email address, a reset link with be sent immediately to you by email. Please follow this link and reinitialise your password – it is personal and only you know it.

    Use the same procedure if you LOST or want to CHANGE the password.

  • Terms & Abbreviations used

     Abbreviations  English  French
     POS Point of Sales Point de Vente / Magasin
    Product Family Grouping of products as per criteria from Distributor or manufacturer Regroupement des produits selon classification enseigne / fournisseur
    Product Category Grouping of products more aggregated than the Product Families Regroupement des produits plus agrégé que les Product Families
    SKU Seller The Stock Keeping Unit unique reference for a product in the Point of Sales Le code unique du l’Unité de Gestion des Stocks d’un produit dans une enseigne
    Inventory Total The quantity in Units of products in inventory, base for ‘shelf presence share Le nombre d’unités (SKU) en stock dans le(s) POS – base pour la ‘part de rayon
    Inventory Company The quantity of Units of ‘our’ products in inventory (base for ‘shelf presence share’) Le nombre d’unités de ‘nos’ produits en stock (avec son ‘% Company’)
    % Presence
    % Company
    The shelf presence share in % of a specified brand (or OpenWatch users) La part de rayon/inventaire d’un fournisseur sur base 100% (voir ‘% Company’)
    Av. price w/o VAT The average price without taxes (as per a mix of products / POS in a category) Le prix moyen HT (selon le mix des produits / magasins dans une catégorie)
    To invoice w/o VAT The value without taxes of the available for sales inventory (as per the mix of products / categories / POSs) La valeur HT de l’inventaire disponible par magasin / catégorie à la vente
    DN (by Product) Numerical Distribution – number of POS where the product is references (attention: this ratio is not relevant on aggregated level of ‘Brand’ in A2) Distribution Numérique – nombre de POS référençant un produit (attention, ce ratio n’est pas parlant au niveau d’un ‘Brand’ dans A2)
    Nb ref. Total The Total number of References available in the same category / POS (not of Units) Le nombre de Références produits (toutes marques) dans un POS (pas d’unités de produits)
    Nb ref. Company The number of ‘our’ References available in inventory of a specific POS / category Le nombre de Références produits (pour ‘nos’ produits) dans un POS / catégorie
    Ref./Inventory Ratio The relation between the % of ‘our’ Nb References related to the % of Presence for ‘our’ Inventory.
    A Ratio <100% indicates that we have relatively few References present // A Ratio >100% indicates relatively low level of inventory.
    La relation entre % de ‘nos’ Références et % ‘nos’ Inventaires dans un POS  donne les distorsions de présence de notre marque.
    Ratio <100% signifie relativement peu de référence / Ratio >100% signifie relativement peu d’inventaire.

  • Share and Export

    On the bottom of the dashboard, click on the “Export” icon OpenWatch Help - screen 1 .
    You can export the dashboard in different Office formats (PowerPoint, Word, CSV, PDF) for use outside of the application.

    OpenWatch Help - screen 2

    You can also add annotations on a dashboard / graph and then send it simply to a colleague by email to engage a discussion.

    OpenWatch Help - screen 3

  • Document historical figures

    There are cases when you will need to work with the historical figures on Excel (create action plans, document precisely variations…).
    We can use the dedicated Universes “T.” which help you to export easily your data to PowerPoint, and after with a simple paste and copy of the selected columns to move the data to your excel file. After, it is up to you to play with.

    2017.06.26 - Exported to PPT

    2017.06.26 - Copied to Excel