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Identify growth opportunities within your omnichannel distributors.


Our dedicated SaaS Platform reinforces collaboration of Retailers and their Suppliers around shared and actionable KPIs. We enable data-driven operational decisions at central and local levels of the organisations. With our app, algorithms and alerts, our users boost their Retail Execution.

They trust us
« I use the Innoscape application because it’s simple, fast, it’s also ergonomic and easy to learn. »

« I use Innoscape for the preparation of my meetings. It allows me to have a global vision of what is happening with my client and to be able to arrive in store with a clear vision on what should we do. »

« OpenWatch allows us to understand in a very precise way our main European markets. We track the new products launches and we secure the development of our new eCommerce activities. »

« Sales Representatives can easily establish proforma for the point of sale, in line with needs, which translates into immediate orders. »

« The analyses are much deeper, especially in preparation of visits. Sales Representative analyse their performance and are able to extrapolate as “I have put this in place in this store, it performs well, maybe I can use this to show other stores that it pays”. »

« Innoscape helps me in the daily management of the sales team. I can support them better by identifying together and in advance the objectives to be reached. »

« To launch a new product range earlier this year, we were able to monitor easily product implementation, to ensure maximum visibility in the brand and target the right stores according to their real potential. »

« It allows you to arrive at meetings with precise preparation and to prove by A + B that my commercial proposal is the right one. »

« The Innoscape app become a key tool for TTI’s sales team. A better preparation of customer visits and targeted action plans by point of sales helped us to increase rapidly our market shares. »

« We have references that are very strategic and for that, it’s royal ! »

« Innoscape’s ergonomics is quite intuitive, everything is very simple and colourful. »

« Innoscape is a follow-up from A to Z of the work done, from the negotiation of referencing to the implementation in the stores. »

« With Innoscape, I am a support to my department manager. »

« Our Sales Representatives adopted the application very rapidly and use it frequently. »

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Our Platform

Data as a Service

DaaS subscription mode, without any IT investment


Setup within a few weeks from project validation


Phone, Tablet, Desktop modules


Functionalities and pricing based on the modules you really need


Adapted to your sales organisation, your business priorities, your product categorisation and your language


Shared KPIs to break silos between retailers and brands, between functional and operational team


Near real-time data with regular updates as per request


We take in charge all the data processing tasks, you focus on the KPIs analysis and initiate focused actions


Customised and specific alerts per area of responsibility : everybody their own data


Personalised onboarding, online tutorials with specific use cases and technicalities, dedicated user support


Automatic updates with the latest technological developments


A single format and view for all your data sources will enhance the investment in training and change management

A Simple and Powerful Solution

Data as a Service Set up in 2 – 4 weeks, without any IT investment

Intuitive tools at your fingertips available anywhere & anytime

Regular data updates

Easy exports to Excel

Training & support included

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